Kitsune - Fight for Freedom

Kitsune Campaign in Thunder Rift

Kitsune Campaign Adventure Log:

1/28/12 – Game Calendar: Yarthmont 12, AC 1003 10 am
Did Assault on Raven’s Ruin Module.

Players: Mike and Brad

Day 1: Went to Kleine, found out about goblin raids and stolen magical scepter. A small girl, Kedardossa Baur (6yrs), is curious about the ‘elves’ and talks to them. Suki is amused, mom embarrassed. PCs agreed to check it out. Councilman Browyn Baur agreed to pay them for the help. Met general store owner Sutan Delocat bought some items. Met stable owner Cewyn Virenn, Brad bought a horse, saddle and tack for a good price.

Killed 1 raiding party on way to Raven’s Ruin through the Burning Hills. Killed another raiding party on way back to town.

Stayed in room at Melodious Harpy Taven, they have a couple rooms for use upstairs for honored guest. Mingled with some of the townsfolk. Suki asked for a book to read, a serving girl, Roregan Laraush, got one on bookkeeping from her father the tavern owner, Aelibwyn.

Day 2: Went back to Raven’s Ruin and cleared it out. Started hauling stuff out for people to claim. Zago went to town to bring back Councilman Browyn Baur and people to claim items stolen. Scepter of Truth used to claim items. Browyn doesn’t see why PC’s cannot keep the stronghold, that at least would keep out monsters. King of Thunder Rift died long ago so no real royalty to say otherwise. Elected Mayor of Melinir is who would have jurisdiction if anyone did.

Creatures encountered: Goblins, Hobgoblins, Wolves, Giant Black Widow Spider, Thunder Rift Kobold, Galumph (Giant Toad), Rats, Thief (L9).

Ended: Yarthmont 13, AC 1003 about 2:30 in the afternoon.

2/4/12 – Game Calendar: Yarthmont 13, AC 1003 12 noon
Follow up with Cheep Cheep the kobold.

Players: Brad

Found out he was alive, spider bit into wine skin he had stolen and stuffed under his shirt. Lead back to other friends, kobold copper miners. They made a deal with him but had to have their chieftain’s blessing. Took Brad to kobold village near the Plunging Cataract sealed the deal. Kobolds agreed to use mining/stone cutting skills to clear up collapsed tunnels, fill pit traps, make new stone doors for both entrances, move the goods up to the entrance of Raven’s Ruin to have people claim items. 1 sp a day per kobold. Project will take 30 days.

Creatures encountered: Thunder Rift Kobolds, Skeleton

Ended: Yarthmont 13, AC 1003 about 2:30 in the afternoon.

2/19/12 – Game Calendar: Yarthmont 13, AC 1003 about 2:30 in the afternoon.

Players: Brad
More follow up with NPC interactions and training.

Zago returns w/ wagon and most of the towns people including councilman Baur, and Sutan. Suki has kobolds hide for fear of town’s peoples’ reaction. Tells Zago on the sly what they worked out.

Commissions widening the bottom of the main entrance and having a double door made so when they get wizard lock they can each cast it on a door and be able to use it without a problem. This adds 3 days to their contract with the Kobolds. Yarthmont 13 begin work – will finish on Klarmont 18th.

Suki visits w/ the townsfolk, Browyn and Sutan in particular.

It is general knowledge that Sutan was a fighter. Suki asks for training with the Bow to improve her skills. Sutan seems a little reluctant for some reason, something Suki may not have noticed, but genuinely likes the ‘elves’ and is glad to help. He does let Suki know that he has a bad hip from an old crossbow injury, likely one that ended his adventuring days. Suki also practices sword w/ Sutan when between long bow practice. Sutan charges a rate about ½ price for the training. By Yarthmont 14, AC 1003 Suki and Zago begin weapons training.

Zago may want to make an arrangement as well.

Suki talks about healing Sutan’s hip up to help at least. He gives her a strange look, look of puzzlement. He has had contact w/ elves and they do not use the healing arts of the clerics. This struck him as odd. He does not say anything but Suki could read it.

Putting in an archery range is discussed near Raven’s Ruin. Suki and Sutan find a suitable place and arrangements are made to bring straw bales out for targets.

Suki also asked about travelling merchants in the area, she is looking for some equipment and various items. Sutan says there are some merchants. He agrees to take a list and watch for these things for Suki.

Suki meets Drexel Delocat, Sutan’s son. He is about 19 and is quieter than his father. He is helping load items that were taken for his father to take back to the store. Suki agrees to go along and help him and Sutan.

Suki wants to repay the innkeeper’s kindness for lending her the book. She grabs a cookbook or two to share with Onuk Thaldric (innkeeper). He is pleased to have something new to have his wife and cook try for his guests. Suki inquires about watching to learn more about cooking. Onuk smiles and is pleased to do so for the heroine.

Suki spends 5 sp and 3 cp in town on food and drink over the 2 weeks training. Most of the towns businesses allow Suki and her brother to pay little or nothing for such things.

One of the days that Suki is in town practicing Browyn does mention to her that he is surprised that Sutan has agreed to train her and Skinny’s PC. He doesn’t talk about his fighter days much, he barely trains anyone for the militia, something he also reluctantly does. Sutan doesn’t even train his own son, but perhaps things are going to change.

Browyn keeps his own council for now but perhaps an offer from Browyn will come to take over training the militia from Sutan. Something Browyn takes and wait and see attitude on it.

By Yarthmont 28, AC 1003, training with Bow is complete for Suki and successful, she is now skilled with the long bow.

Suki also succeeds at her ‘enlightenment’ roll at 4th level (40%). She is now ‘enlightened’ concerning spell casting.

Each day she casts a spell or two before turning in. Just need to know which are cast and how many times.

Creatures encountered: Thunder Rift Kobolds

Ended: Yarthmont 29, AC 1003 about 4:30 in the afternoon.

2/24/12 – Game Calendar: Yarthmont 28, AC 1003 about 4:30 in the afternoon.

Players: Brad and Skinny

Brad finishes training, skinny has to restart 2 times adding 2 weeks to his training.

By Yarthmont 28th, AC 1003, training with Bow is complete for Suki and successful, she is now skilled with the long bow.

By Klarmont 14th, AC 1003, training with Sword is complete for Skinny’s PC, he is now skilled at the normal sword.

PCs make plans to buy kobold metals of bronze and copper to sell down river at Torlynn.

Hire by Browyn to go with 2 village boys to protect his goods. 4 gp a day and 5% of profits from run.

Klarmont 8th, talk to kobolds and Brownyn about going on trip and selling goods.

Klarmont 15th, pick up left over weapons from Raven’s ruin to sell. Meet kobolds by lake to get copper and bronze. Paddle canoes to Kleine docks and load up. Leave at 11 am for 4 day trip to Torlynn.

Day 4 of trip fight 3 thouls, track back to lair, find 7 more thouls and run like babies from them. Catch up with raft to find Trae injured by thoul thought to be dead but regenerated and attacked them. Was paralyzed but came out of it. Healing skill used by Suki to recover 3 of 4 hitpoints lost.

Start noticing snow worsening as get closer to Torlynn but it is spring time which is strange.

Make it to Torlynn, sell wares, relax in inn when summoned to talk to the Burgomaster of Torlynn about the perpetual winter they have had for 2 years. Feels it is a curse and asks PCs to brave some old mad wizard’s keep to stop the constant snowfall.

The PCs will leave in the morning for the keep.

Ended: Klarmont 15th, AC 1003 6:00pm

Creatures encountered: Thunder Rift Kobolds, Thouls

3/9/12 – Game Calendar: Klarmont 15, AC 1003 about 8:00pm.

Players: Brad and Skinny

PC’s decide to go make the thouls their fools. They explain to the bergomaster they will take care of this problem first. The bergomaster is anxious to get the never ending winter problem solved first but does not want to upset the PCs and lose them for his mission. He hides this fact and wishes them luck.

Predrider asks to come along, PCs try to put him off but he will not have it. He is impressed by them and wants to learn from them, wants to adventure, wants to acquire wealth. PCs relent and let him go along.

Trae stays at the inn and recovers more from his wound. The bergomaster has footed their bill.

They rest for the night and on Klarmont 16 head out to deal with the thouls, which is about a half days raft ride, and less on horseback. Predrider buys his own horse and they head out.

The PC’s and Predrider travel back to the cave of the thouls. Zago sets some snares, they make noise to bring out the thouls and set up at 210 yards (max bow range). 3 are caught in the snares momentarily but after a round or so break loose taking damage. All 7 thouls are dealt with, only having to go HTH with a couple. Predrider took 7 damage (3,4) and was paralyzed for an hours. PCs checked him out and Suki healed him for 4 (3,1).

They make sure they are all dead and then check out the cave. It isn’t a bad treasure value-wise for the characters at this stage in the game but is cumbersome weight-wise, nearly 476 pounds in coin. They had several sacks and distributed them among the horses to haul back.

Upon arriving they let the burgomaster know they will deal with his problem tomorrow as it is late in the day for them to head out again. They also let the burgomaster know they had dealt with the thoul threat. He is grateful but it shows that is not his major concern. He is relieved to hear that the PCs and Predrider are heading out to investigate the old mad wizard’s keep.

Next morning (Klarmont 17) they head out at 7am and arrive at the keep 2 hours later. They entered the keep and began exploring.

They fought a few creatures, found some treasure and potions so far. They tossed an old skull in one of their bags. Also they could not unlock a book-safe they found in the library. Wonder how that will play out considering the contents. The spell book they found was low-level, might have been one of the old mad wizards apprentices’ books. They can still use the spells as scrolls.

They explored the rooms in numerical order 1 – 6. They have stopped there and will continue next time.

Ended: Klarmont 17, AC 1003 1:00pm

Creatures encountered: Thouls, giant rats, armor golem, white widow spider

3/9/12 – Game Calendar: Klarmont 17, AC 1003 1:00pm.

Players: Brad and Skinny

PCs continue to explore Barrik’s Keep (old mad wizard). Kill, kill, kill. Trap, trap, trap. Re-kill, kill, kill. : )

PCs fought a ghoul and some zombies, and one of the traps in the coffins made them rise and fight again. It was good fun for everyone! DM did laugh at some of it, and he feels bad, but in his defense it was funny. Zago shown with his sword skillz here.

Predrider was still a bit beat up from the previous fights so when the explosive trap went off it put him out (unconscious) and the rest of the group was pretty hurt as well. They did some healing at this point using the 3 healing potions they found and Suki bound wounds all around.

Checking a room Zago angered a giant centipede, was bit but not poisoned. He had a look of glee in his eyes when he killed it. He noted he would buy a bug repellent potion for next time.

Zago again the target was set upon by the gelatinous cube residing in one of the rooms. They quickly killed that as well. This yielded their greatest treasures. It ate a lot of people, or was fed them, either way, had stuff.

They went on to kill a spitting beetle in the bedroom.

The group went to the lab and finally encountered the master of the manor, a wererat named Keshute, sitting on an ice throne that has a silver sword in it. Zago was literally drooling at the site of the sword (perhaps not but I could see it be the case knowing Skinny). Keshute kept the group talking while his ratlings moved into place. I was impressed by the groups tactical changes that resulted in an ambush turned into a slaughter.

They tried to free the sword from the ice throne but could not. Suki wisely cast a analyze spell on the throne to discover it was in fact an ice golem, which then took its true form and attacked.
It had the highest AC to date the PCs had encountered and was pressed a bit to make a hit. Predrider was sucking it up this time. He could hit nothin’. The group finally prevails. They try for the silver sword again but it will not budge.

They feel this is the source of the winter curse and they are right.

This is when Predrider notices the frozen elves in the next room. The group quickly builds several fires to melt out the 4 elves. The leader says the sword is his and recovers it from the golem with the PCs helping to drag him over to it since he is very weak.

The group re-searched the keep for anything they missed. They find some goodies in a magical chest. They then take 3 days for the elves to recover and head back to town.

Awards and praise are heaped upon them by the grateful citizens of Torlynn. A feast is prepared for lunch for the heroes by the townspeople of Torlynn.

The elves prepare a private feast for supper as a debt of honor for the PCs and Predrider. They also receive some very nice gifts. Longbow +1, +50% range x 2 for PCs, Wheel of Floating for Predrider.

Ended: Klarmont 21, AC 1003 10:12pm

Creatures encountered: Ghoul, giant rats, ratlings, zombies, gelatinous cube, green slime, giant centipede, spitting beetle, wererat, ice golem.

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